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Total Crank HP = 423            Total Crank Torque = 463

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Primary Modifications for Automatic Version Twin Turbo:

Stock 280HP  
Stage I 300 B&B 3" Polished, Stainless Steel Exhaust w/ dual 3" tips
Stage II 320 JWT Single POP Intake
Stage III 376 JWT ECU (and boost jets)
Stage IV 385 HKS Intercoolers
Stage V

399 @ 1.0 bar

420 @ 1.2 bar

APEX'i Super AVC-R
Stage VI 430 Nismo 555cc Fuel Injectors (w/ JWT chip)

Additional (Power) Performance Upgrades

Gutted Pre-Cats

Stillen 3" stainless steel test pipes 
ASP Underdrive pulley
APEX'i Super AFC
Cooler NGK #6 Platinum Spark Plugs

Additional (Quicker ETA) Performance Upgrades

HKS Automatic Line Controller (ALC)
Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil
Royal Purple Synthetic ATF
Eagle F1 "Steel" Tires

Miscellaneous Additions/Upgrades

Passport Escort SR-1 (Remote Mount Front/Rear Laser/Radar Detector)
HKS Turbo Timer
Eibach 0.8" Pro Springs
300 Degree Camber Correction Kit
SGP Adjustable Tension Rods (Cadmium Plated)
Nissan Stock Adjustable Shocks
Chromed Stock Rims
60k Service


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