Escort SR1
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Installed Christmas 2001, this has been a great "upgrade."  Although I don't speed that often, this safety factor is quite sweet.  I made a trip down from Dallas to Austin at night (left around 9pm), and literally was full-on missle lock with about 10 cop cars.  Ouch!  This did a great job warning me in plenty of time.

This kit consists of a front and rear mount radar and laser detector.  Additionally, there is a remote mount head unit installed anywhere you want in the cockpit.  You can also have a separate mute button installed.  The head unit includes safety warnings (railroad ahead; ambulance; etc) and multiple bogey readouts.  I particularly enjoy the auto-adjusting volume and auto-dimming features.

Front unit - located in the middle of the lower spoiler.

Mute button - Located at the bottom of the right-hand pod.

Rear mount - Located at the top of the license plate frame.