Test Pipes
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bullet08-05-00 Installing Stillen 3" Test Pipes

After doing all of the above, I had to race from Richardson, to my house in Valley Ranch to grab the test pipes, and then all the way down to Arlington and Alamo Motorsports.  I had a 16:00 appointment with them, but flew in @ 16:36 - just less than 1/2 hour before they closed.  Doh!  Didn't bring my camera during the install, but here's an underground picture.

Closeup of a metal tag stating "for offroad use only" and the AIV valve.  In 1994,  simply plug up the valve with a supplied set of metallic plugs.  I understand that this is NOT the case with 1990 - 1993 models; possible ECU recalibration.


The exhaust note was a bit lower, and makes a more performance "thump-thump-thump-thump" noise than with the cat-back alone.  A little bit louder too.