Stage V - AVCR
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With the larger aftermarket intercoolers in place, it's now safe to turn up the boost!  The general consensus is that around 14.5 lbs. is the safe limit on the stock injectors and turbos (mine are the smaller, faster spooling automatic transmission variety), however there are those running slightly higher with no reported problems.  To turn up the boost, you will need an aftermarket Boost Controller (aka Electronic Valve Controller; aka Automatic Valve Controller). 

There are many choices on the market from those with simplicity of use in mind, to those with fuzzy logic (i.e. self-learning) and a more graphical display.  I particularly like the APEX'i Super AVC- R because of it's useful features.  And it just plain looks cool!

A detailed way of hooking up the AVC-R is found in this external link.  No need to reinvent the wheel.  Here are a couple of more pictures, though:

Below is a picture of the boost solenoid hooked up at the front of the car.  Note that you WILL have to drill a few holes!

Here's a quick picture of the ECU slightly disconnected:

People have mounted them in the glove compartment, in one of the DIN units and on the dashboard.  I chose the dashboard to easily see what is going on, and to have that cool visual.  Note there is no drilling in the dashboard; some two-sided tape and that's it.

Final notes:  I have an automatic equipped with the ALC.  After taking the car out after the installation, I had to lightly drive the car around for a few minutes, then return and park the car.  Turned off the ignition for 30 seconds, and restarted.  Why?  Because the car did not shift any higher than 2nd gear.  I needed to reset the ECU to compensate.  Moral:  Be careful before making your first high boost runs for the AVC-R to kick into self-learning mode, or you could have serious problems!  Make sure everything is functioning perfectly.

Thanks to Greg (Dallas) for the quality install job, and DamonZ for the righteous soldering.