Underdrive Pulley
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08-05-00 - ASP Underdrive Pulley Install

Met @ 09:00 @ Damon Z's house to (a) install the new UD pulley and belts, and (b) gut the pre-cats.  Learned a few things in the process:

bulletIf you have a 1994 or greater Twin Turbo, make sure you have a 3 rib, 35" belt.  The 1990 to 1993 had a 4 rib, 35" belt.  I checked this too late; after NINE trips to various local auto places - including one specializing in them - I finally found one!  Be careful.
bulletHave one gallon of distilled water, and one gallon on antifreeze ready.  Go ahead and drain/refill the radiator while you're at it.  Especially if you have not in a while, and live in major heat like I do.

That's Damon under there.  He's just detaching the lower radiator hoses, and draining the fluids.

After the radiator is taken off, this is what the stock UD pulley looks like.

The intrepid Damon @ work.

The ASP Underdrive pulley installed.  Note that "looped" hosing on the lower right quadrant.  I have an automatic.  This links in with the radiator.  Be careful when reinstalling.

Just another shot of it.  (That's just a socket sticking out of the UD pulley).